Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm a quilter

Yep, I think I can for sure call myself a quilter now.

The very first proper quilt that I made was for Lily's 2nd birthday. I used a pattern from Oh Fransson! but, like most of my crafty endeavours, I couldn't make it exactly as written - usually it's just that I think I can do some aspect better or more effectively, but in this case, it was that I wanted a quilt that would fit on a cot bed or toddler bed, since I was making it for a toddler, not a baby. So I used a charm pack but added some squares of coordinating solid colours into the mix.

Violet was meant to get a matching one for her 1st birthday, but gee it's hard to get things done to a deadline when you have 2 little kids. Thankfully, my Mum (who's blog, I have just realised when trying to pull the link, is much more 'with the times' than mine is, with all those buttons and stuff) convinced me to join her in attending the Woollongong Modern Quilt Guild, and now, not only do I get one morning a month to work on my quilting, I also have motivation to find time in the rest of the month, because I want to have things to show off :)

So, Violet's was made the same way as Lily's, just using a different fabric range. One whole charm pack, about 1.5m of a single fabric from the range for the backing, 2 x 5-inch squares of each of 5 colours of solid fabric and some off-white for the sashing. Lily's was bound in the solid brown from the top and Violet's is a very fine white-on-pink dot.

If I wasn't blogging from my phone with a poorly baby sleeping on me, I'd give you more specific information about the fabrics, as well as a photo of Lily's. But I'm learning that the motto "done is better than perfect" needs to apply to many aspects of my life, blogging included, so if you want fabric specifics, you'll have to ask nicely in the comments. For a photo of Lily's quilt top, you can see the August roundup from guild.

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