I'm a blogger from way back who has decided to keep a record of life again, even if it seems like people don't old-school blog anymore.

I'm Kate, a married, 30-something, mother of two girls who can both be considered tweens. They tend to make life harder, but also more amazing.

I live in the outer suburbs of Sydney, Australia

A few days a week I work at a local high school, teaching technologies and visual arts, or as I recently described it, trying to get teenagers to think outside the box and solve problems creatively. In between, I try to find time to do the same myself and I love to sew, knit, draw, take photos, scrapbook, build things - basically anything that involves some level of creativity and hands-on activity.

This post was written in September 2019. If that's more than a few months ago, remind me to update it, will you? Thanks.