I hate writing these things, but I feel like they're necessary, especially when your blog is new.
I used to blog over here, but then I got my own domain and decided to start fresh.

I'm Kate, a married, 30-something, SAHM to Lily (4) and Violet (1). They tend to make me work hard, but I love them both to pieces.

I live in the outer suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

I love to sew, knit, draw, take photos, scrapbook, build things - basically anything that involves some level of creativity and hands-on activity.

My to-do list always gets longer, not shorter.

You can also find me on twitter, although I've been a bit slack everywhere online lately.

This post was written on June 25, 2011. If that's more than a few months ago, remind me to update it, will you? Thanks.