Saturday, November 28, 2020

starting again

A new phone. Setting up all my accounts again. A certain social media site decided it needed to prompt me to update my profile. It wanted a bio. One that everyone could see. Presumably so that people could search for me and know what they were getting themselves in for. But how do you sum yourself up in a quippy little line or two?
For some reason it prompted me to head over here and quickly realise that I haven't written anything in 5 years. I guess I've been 'blogging' via social media instead and while I do love the way it reminds me of the things that I've posted in the past, I realised I miss writing long form.
In the past few weeks I've written over a hundred 3-4 sentence comments for the parents of my students. Marked a whole lot of assessments. Entered data. Ticked a bunch of boxes about their attitude and effort. And realistically, it's likely to be read once and then forgotten, unlikely to impact that child's future learning. Because I cannot possibly sum up everything I know about a student in 3-4 sentences.
So, I think I'm back. Starting again. Blogging mostly for me because I think it's unlikely that anyone is even reading here anymore. But if you are, please say hi. We'll see how it goes.

because every post should have a picture - this one's a couple months old now, but starting over makes me think of plants and we've been doing a lot of gardening around here lately. more on that later.