Thursday, August 9, 2012

Boys are boring

Lily and I had the following conversation on the way home from preschool the other day. I have no idea where the opening statement even came from in her little world, but some of the things she said were classic:
Lily: when I have kids, I'm going to name them after two of my toys.
Me: oh really? Which toys?
Lil: Gill and Uppsy Daisy
Me: You're going to call your kids Gill and Daisy?
Lil: No. Gill and Uppsy Daisy. Because then when I'm a grown up, my kids can have toys that have the same name as them. (launches into a long explanation of how she's going to store her toys and then gift them to her children - I kinda zoned out, she went on so long) So the big sister will be Gill and her little sister will be Uppsy Daisy.
Me: but what if you have boys?
Lil: I don't want boys. And I don't want 4 kids like grandma has. I just want 2 kids and they're both girls.
Me: but grownups don't get to choose if they have boy or girl babies, so you might have boys.
Lil: but I would get bored with boys. Whenever I'm near boys and they want to play I get bored by them.

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