Wednesday, August 8, 2012

funny kid

Today, the farmyard came to playgroup and Violet freaked out. For a good chunk of the morning, she was either on my hip or clinging to my leg. From the comfort of my arms, she was totally fine to watch the animals (lambs, kids, bunnies, piglets, Guinea pigs, chicks and a calf) but when I put her down inside the enclosure, poor kid started trembling, she was so fearful.
We went and sat at the table where you could pat, feed and brush (with a toothbrush) the littler animals. She started to warm up, even reached out towards a bunny, though stopped short of actually touching it, but then a baby chicken looked at her the wrong way and she wanted nothing more to do with it.
Ok, you think, the kid is only 15 months, hasn't had any real experience of animals of any kind and is cautious of new people. Plenty of kids like her are scared of animals.

The silly thing is, I've spent the afternoon worried about concussion, because the adventurous little kid climbed up the steps to the big cubby house, and had fallen off them, before I even realised she'd left the other cubby house. Seems the only thing she's afraid of is baby animals...

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