Saturday, August 6, 2011

Roo and Eeyore

When I was pregnant with Lily, we were very quickly on the lookout for her first toy. I still have a pink teddy that I've had since I was a baby and we wanted to get our kids something that they could keep forever (hopefully). I wasn't planning on getting a licensed character, but like many baby things, I found that it was near impossible to find something that was gender neutral and still cute. I found Roo in a Disney Store and I loved the fact that he is a kangaroo (Australian) but created in the UK, just like Lily. Plus, he's a bit different than what most kids have.

Here are some of the photos we took of Lily and Roo over the first 6 months or so. If you followed our adventures while we were overseas, you would've seen these already.

So, three years later, pregnant again, but no Disney Store to shop at (since we'd moved from the UK back to Australia), I wasn't sure how best to get Violet something similar, until we saw this Eeyore. Lily insisted on picking it up as soon as I mentioned it as a possibility, held it all the way home and then put it in a special place to wait for the baby. She and Graeme brought it in once Violet was out of the Special Care Nursery and in my room.

Both girls are quite attached to their toys. Violet loves to pat Eeyore and Roo is currently 'sleeping' next to Lil. Do you have a toy you've had since childhood? Did you buy your kids something special when they were born? Or am I just weird?

(My Mum made a comment the other day that I hadn't taken any photos of Violet with Eeyore and when I said I had, complained that she hadn't seen them. So, there you go Mum - are you happy now? :D)


  1. Thank you. Love the photos, they are both cuties.
    Yes you all got special bears, Joshua still has his cause I saw it in their move, Chris's is on his bed and Elizabeth I don't know where her bear is.
    Dad still has his teddy bear as do I, both are starting to show their age dads more than mine. His mum made pj's for his bear.

  2. I have my teddy still. The boys have all had there own special toy - not always what I have bought them but one that they loved the most and picked themselves. Woof - still sleeps with the youngest and the others are packed away for the other boys once they come out of the 'I'm too old for that' stage.

  3. My teddy still sleeps with me, Mum, just so you know...

    Also, my nieces are the cutest things ever.