Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do you pin?

Both yesterday and today I have attempted to use my computer during the day. You know, when it was just me and the girls. It was a bit of a fail. Lily had a great time designing her own 'My Little Pony's though.

Last night we went out for dinner, because my brother and his wife have just moved back to the area from interstate. By the time we got home and got a very excited, overtired 3 year old to bed, I crashed on the couch, cuddled Violet and caught up on some tv from the IQ box. So, no computer time then, either.

Tonight I'm just plain old exhausted. The girls have been a handful today, literally - I have barely had a minute to myself when I wasn't in physical contact with one or the other of them.

If I were a 'serious blogger' I'd probably have a bunch of ready-to-go posts standing by for when I don't have anything else to show you. And maybe one day that will be the case. But for now, I'm just going to link to my pinterest page and encourage you to check it out. You'll get a better idea of my aesthetic and what interests me. If you're on pinterest, either follow me over there, or let me know in the comments, so I can follow your pins. If you're not, check it out and then let me know if you want an invite.

Today's photo is actually from the other day, but it's cute and funny. Better than anything I took today.

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