Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The point of all this

Being a stay at home mum is tough. My husband works in the city making decent money and we are both very grateful that that means I can stay at home with our girls and give them what we consider to be the best possible start in life. But it's by far the hardest job I have ever had. Graeme leaves before the rest of us wake up of a morning and doesn't get home until 6:30 at the very earliest. My 3 year old has not had a regular day sleep since before she turned 2. She's one of the cleverest little kids I know and while she's happy to play alone for parts of the day, she craves new knowledge and experiences - as much and as many as I can give her. My 3 month old just wants to be held constantly. Basically, my days are full-on and I don't get a break until Lily is asleep for the night, and even then Violet is usually awake and wants (breast)feeding several times throughout the evening before she settles for the night.

So why am I trying to get back into blogging regularly?
I need something for me. Something that pushes me to think outside my day-to-day a little. An outlet for my creativity. A bit of motivation to find time to sew, knit, create with my hands - if I'm blogging regularly, I need things to write about, right?
I'm hoping to do some tutorials, publish some basic patterns, share some of the fun things I do with my girls and give you a glimpse into life on the edge of suburban Sydney. Sound good?

Let's start with a little thing I'd like to call
'Dressed by Lil'
Lily definitely has her own sense of style. Most days, especially at the moment, it's just her t-shirt and jacket/cardigan that clash horribly. But as the weather warms up and we don't automatically wear jeans every day, we end up with outfits that... well, I wouldn't choose them. And then she insists on choosing Violet's outfit as well and you end up with a photo that looks like this:

Why yes, I do have the cutest kids ever. Thanks for noticing :D

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