Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1

It's August 1. Later this month I turn 35. There's no more "early 30s" for me.
This year is well and truly flying by, so in an effort to focus my time a little better, I'm planning to do a few things this month:
Take a 'proper' photo every day. I have a very nice camera and I love to use it, but most of the photos I take are on my phone. It's great for taking quick snapshots, but I want to get back in the habit of creating beautiful images.
Spend some time creating every day. In addition to the photo. I am actually doing this because it was suggested as a group activity by someone who is part of an online community that I have been connected to for a reeeaaally long time (like, most of this century). I do feel like I've hit a slump creatively, as the rest of life has zapped all my tme and energy. The only time I seem to make progress is when there's a deadline or I spend a day at quilt guild. But I have a couple of little projects on the go that I have pulled out to work on when I can only find 15 minutes in the day to do something.
Celebrate my birthday all month long. I'm going to use my birthday as an excuse to do things I've been planning to do for myself, to organise a girls night out and to catch up with all those people I've been meaning to spend quality time with.

And maybe doing those things will give me things to blog about, but I'm not going to force myself to do so on any particular schedule.

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