Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tiny Rant Tuesday: Nappies

Or, as you Americans call them, diapers.
I read the other day that every single disposable nappy *ever* used is still sitting in landfill. And then today, I saw a picture of a supposedly 'biodegradable' disposable that had been buried and dug up several years later and still looked the same. That's pretty gross. I know some of the reasons people don't use cloth nappies (too messy, too much hassle, etc) I just don't understand them, especially given the range of modern cloth nappies available these days. Whichever way you handle it, when you have babies, you have to deal with poop. Dropping a flushable liner in the toilet and the occasional rinse of a soiled nappy is much better than dealing with a poo explosion out of a disposable, I reckon. And yes, we probably do an extra couple of loads of washing each week, but my baby has bamboo or cotton next to her little bum, not plastic and chemicals.
Better for my baby. Better for our budget. Better for the planet. Just call me a tree-hugging hippy. I don't mind.

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